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Traveling is a passion and has always been a passion. In ancient history travelers were soldiers, who followed their commanders in the name of a king, to explore and conquer new places. They saw new cultures, unfortunately, too many times destroyed them, but were able to bring back home stories about what’s out there. Throughout the years, people have always traveled. Whether they were merchants (Marco Polo), explorers (Christopher Columbus), or scientists (Charles Darwin), they lived the life of adventures and cared to tell their stories, discoveries, and experiences.

Traveling is also my passion. Since I was a kid, my parents used to take me to explore and learn about my little country. My first trip abroad was at the age of ten to Paris, France, and I fell in love. The airport, the airplane, flying out and landing in an unknown place. Dealing with language barriers, and finding creative ways to communicate. Seeing things that look so familiar, but yet so different. One thing I knew already – the world is big, and for me, it was just the beginning of a long journey to come.

Some of my best trips took place when I was young and traveled with my family. However, as I grew up and started traveling on my own, I realized how traveling has changed me. The planning, the execution, being all alone, meeting new people, spending hours in airports and on buses, trying new things – all have taught me so much and shaped me to be the person I am today. I started looking at people and cultures, not borders or governments. I made new friends, started speaking new languages, discovered new destinations that I’ve never imagined to be in. But it is never enough – the excitement of traveling is priceless and incomparable.


Originally from Israel, I have been living in New York City since the end of 2015, with my husband and our beautiful mixed-Labrador Retriever. We enjoy exploring the local scene of NYC, as well as traveling around the US and abroad.

Nothing in my life has stopped me from traveling, but I am still learning how to combine this passion with the ongoing routine of work and other commitments. My traveling patterns have changed throughout the years, but the fire inside keeps burning, and I know I’ll never stop.

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